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Permanent Eyebrows

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Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

If you’re tired of drawing on your brows every day, buying brow products or can’t get that perfect shape and arch, permanent makeup is for you. Wake up each day with perfectly symmetrical eyebrows.

The pigmented inks and unique techniques used, work together to enhance your features whilst retaining that natural look. The perfect brows can be obtained through one of two techniques.

Powdered Brows is the most popular technique as it appears soft and natural and can be subtle or alternatively bold and defined depending on your preference.

Individual hair strokes with powder follows the same process as powdered brows but is highlighted with individual hairs which are added to the front of the brow. This is ideal for those with patchy brows or no brows at all to create a natural finish.

Whatever treatment(s) you decide to get, it will lift your face and make you feel more confident and beautiful. You as the client are involved every step of the way from the mixing of the ink to get that perfect colour to the shape of the brow and the height of the arch. Whether you have grey, blonde or dark hair, sparse or overgrown brows, permanent makeup can enhance your natural features and make you even happier in your own skin.

Permanent Eyebrow Treatments & Prices

Powdered ………………. £250

Enhance your natural brow shape using a soft natural powder effect with inks specifically matched to your natural hair colour

W/ Hair strokes ………. £270

Same soft powder effect keeping it natural with a few hair strokes added to the front of the brows


All prices include the initial treatment and one top up treatment 5-12 weeks later.

Top Ups

Any top up after that period will be £80


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