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Permanent Eyelash Enhancement

Lash enhancement is where a thin line of pigmented colour is applied through the lash line to add depth to your lashes and consequently make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller.

Whether you have sparse or light coloured lashes or simply want to enhance naturally beautiful ones, lash enhancement is a treatment which you wont regret.

Permanent Eyeliner Treatments

Eyeliner works in the same way that lash enhancement does but the line drawn above the lash is thicker, ensuring that your eyes pop and your eye colour appears brighter.

Eyelash Enhancement Prices

Upper Eyeliner …….. £180

A thin line is implanted through your upper lashes giving them a fuller look.

Eyeliner Prices

Upper Eyeliner …….. £200

A thicker line is applied through the upper lashes


All prices include the initial treatment and one top up treatment 5-12 weeks later.

Top Ups

Any top up after that period will be £80

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